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Mobile, self-regulated e-learning


The PERvasive Learning Systems (PERLS) is a mobile learning system that guides and mentors learners through learning and training recommendations from a self-regulated micro-learning model. PERLS emphasizes good user experience and interface design as the primary condition for adoption of digital and mobile learning and training systems. With that in mind, the PERLS front end mobile application presents itself as a series of cards that can be flipped through in a common format. Those cards present various content pieces selected by a back-end recommendation system that considers context factors from the user in formulating recommendations.

The system is a platform leveraging different sources of micro-learning content, whether generated natively within PERLS, auto-generated by PERLS through an external RSS feed, or through integration with other local or web apps that would provide recommendations to PERLS and share performance data between each other.

PERLS monitors contextual factors including location data, expressed interests, expertise, schedule, media preferences, and behaviors (like daily routines). It uses such information to suggest learning content persuading the learner to read content based on their personal preferences and goals, time and location constraints.

Major Deliverables

  • PERLS front-end and back-end code

Project Details

Period of Performance: 09/24/2012–9/30/2017

External Performers: SRI International Inc.

Contract: W911QY-12-C-0171

Collaborators and Partners

United States Army North (USARNORTH)

United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) 

Joint Knowledge Online (JKO)

Defense Language National Security and Education Office (DLNSEO)