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Flash® Deprecation Analysis of Alternatives Working Group

By the end of 2020, Adobe® will no longer support its Flash® Player and browser-based plug-in. Further, major Internet browsers are also deprecating their ability to run Adobe® Flash® content within their platforms. This Working Group supports coordination across DoD and the Federal Government on addressing the challenges of Flash® deprecation for distributed learning context, and the group seeks to identify opportunities with this transition, such as sharing HTML5 templates with embedded content metadata elements. The ADL Initiative is leading a DADLAC Working Group and coordinating with the Office of the Chief Management Officer to identify and evaluate different approaches to mitigating this issue across the DoD enterprise.

The Working Group has coordinated numerous data calls and it maintains a SharePoint site with resources such as Flash® detection scripts and HTML5 templates. This group is open to military personnel and government civilians, as well as designated government-support contractors. Military partners may also join, upon request.

Date Started: December 2018

Duration: As needed, until December 2020

Meeting Schedule: The first Wednesday of each month from 1100 to 1230 EST. For information regarding attending meetings, contact Brent Smith (contractor).